Monday, August 24, 2009

What a week...

or should I say 2 weeks!! I have been meaning to post some photos of some of the layouts I have finished recently but really have only now had the time and energy to post something.

Back on the 12th August one of my hubbys good friends passed away very suddenly. He was just about to start a session at the gym with his personal trainer when he had a heart attack. He was only 41. We had his funeral last wednesday and OMG was that hard!!! I mean I have been to funerals before but I have never been affected by one so much before. It was really hard watching his wife and other family members talk about him. There were about 600 people there with some having to stand outside and watch it all on a big screen. With him being so young it really gets you thinking about how short life really is and that you should make sure that the people you love and care about know that you do.

Anyway enough sadness :) I have finished heaps of layouts recently and will upload tomorrow if I get a free few minutes.

Take care and make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them or just give them a hug!!

Catch ya soon