Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am so proud of myself. Now for all those technical savy people out there don't laugh!!! I just worked out how to put photos on to a USB storage thingy!!! I didn't own one until today but I needed to take some photos to school for Madison so I went and bought one. OMG I never thought it would be so easy!!! Okay so you can all stop laughing now I know I am a bit behind the times but that is okay :)

My Dad is doing okay (well quite well actually). The doctors finally decided what they are going to do. He is going back into hospital next Wednesday to have angyoplasti (sorry about the spelling). So hopefully that all goes well.

I have some scrappy updates too but again they are on the other computer which is currently busy trying to put photos on CD's for me (another thing I am not too good at). So when that is finished and I have done all the house work (only the bare essentials!!) I will upload my photos.

Hope you are all having a great week

Catch ya soon



Marisa said...

Great to here your dad is doing so well, will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well next Wednesday.
You are becoming a real computer genius, way to go Jayne :)

Kerryn said...

LOL ain't technology grand.

Great to hear your dad is doing well. Hope everything goes well with the next stage.

Jodi said...

Jayne you are so clever!!!!! Its funny how things always seam so confusing and then we find out it was easy!!! Too funny!!!
Glad to hear Dad is doing we so well!!