Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just a scrappy update before hubby takes the laptop away for the week. Boo has all my photos on it and photoshop...oh well I am sure I will cope :) Still have the other computer so I can still go to the 123 challenge blog party tomorrow night (YAY). Hope to see ya there details can be found here .

The layout below is a layout I scraplifted from a very talented lady over at wicked princesses. Unfortunately I have no idea who it is though :( The original used to be in my favourites in their gallery but I can't find it now. So if the owner happens to pop by please leave a comment so I can say thank you for such gorgeous inspiration. If you have never been to the wicked princesses gallery you have to go and have a look the work in there is amazing!! Click here to go check it out.

This layout is my 123 challenge layout:-

Very happy with how it turned out!! Click here for all the details.

And this is a card I made last week. We have 4 friends and family members that are having babies in the next couple of months so I am trying to be organised and get cards made early.
Hope you are all having a great weekend. I have another layout to share but I forgot to upload to this post so I will put it up soon.
Hope to see you all at the 123 challenge blog party tomorrow night :)


Giovanna said...

love the 123 layout Jayne!!

Judith said...

Love your Life is Wonderful lo.

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous work Jayne!

Renae D* said...

gorgeous layouts and love that card.