Friday, January 9, 2009

Wow it has been a while...

Since my last post but I have been so busy!!! Hope you all had a great christmas and a wonderful new year.
We had a very busy christmas and then we went to the Gold Coast for a much needed holiday. Though it was a nice break it was not without its dramas!!! Our plane was delayed by nearly 2 hours (not fun when you have 2 kiddies that just want to get on the plane) luckily they have a little playground in the airport that kept them entertained. And then to top it all off when we arrived at our hotel they did not have our reservation!!!! even though we had all the right paper work!!! Luckily they managed to change a few things around and we were able to stay there but man was that a stressful day. We found out in the end that someone had booked us in twice so they cancelled one of the bookings but then some other helpful person saw our booking was still there and cancelled the second one aswell!!
Anyway we did have a nice time though not too relaxing we were so busy doing things. I only have about 450 photos to sort through!!
Okay I have a lot of things to share but I will just start with a few for now:

These are a couple of the mini albums I made as christmas presents. These ones were for my brother in laws mother and Aunty. I got the instructions from the wicked princess blog. Had so much fun making them and they only took a couple of hours to make too!!
Well must go I have to sort through my 450 photos now and I still have unpacking to do. I will be back later to share some more photos.
Hope you are all having a great day
Catch ya soon :)


Marisa said...

Love your mini albums, they look the papers you used as glad to know that I am not the only person who takes heaps and heaps of photos while on holidays :)

Kerryn said...

They turned out great Jayne, well done!

Kirsty said...

Jayne, these look AWESOME! Bet the receiver LOVED them :-)

Marisa said...

Jayne my dear friend I have awarded you an award.