Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Lost tooth...

Literally... It had been wobbly for about 5 weeks now with no real signs that it was going to fall out and then for lunch today she had chicken nuggets and swallowed it!! Luckily she was not too upset and her wonderful teacher helped her write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened.
And I had big scrapping plans for that tooth lol. Oh well maybe I will get the next one :)
Well must go, have tooth fairy duties tonight and I want to do some scrapping too.

Have a great night everyone and I will catch ya soon



Kerryn said...

They are at that age when the first teeth start falling out. My DD hasn't had any wobblies yet but I'll be keeping my eyes on her.

Hope you got some scrapping done :).

Marisa said...

Gosh first tooth lost!!! That brings back memories for me with my kids (now that was a long time ago). Hope the tooth fairy was very generous :)

Kirsty said...

Ooooh how exciting! She looks awfully gorgeous with her gappy smile:)